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Rae’s Violet Work Life 2021

I’m not lying when I say I have been booked and busy. Since the beginning of the pandemic last year, I have stayed doing something, whether it was going to school or working.

Of course, amid all the side effects of the pandemic, I also suffered from burnout, loneliness, COVID anxiety in addition to my regular constant anxiety, and increased stress and toxic positivity. However, despite all the added challenges of just living during a pandemic, I worked in three different forms of media in one year.

I started off at a newspaper midway through my final semester of college. It made me reconsider my love for journalism and crushed all dreams I had of permanently working at my dream job. Then I worked at a major news station in San Antonio and LOVED IT, but the crushing loneliness and distance from everyone and everything familiar to me was too much to bear, especially during a pandemic where all I had was myself. Now, most currently, I’m back in the city I call home working at a magazine doing what I had originally thought would take me a couple years to work up toward!

So yeah, it all seems so surreal that I went to school to become a digital content editor… and now, still pretty fresh out of college, I’m a digital content editor! It’s a lot more challenging and intense than I imagined, but I’m not complaining! I always thought it would go something like me taking on freelancing gigs for various publications or becoming an arts and culture writer for some digital publication and slowly working my way up to editor. But this? What I’m doing now? This is a much better path. I’d say I’m well on my way and y’all better watch out ^.^!


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