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The Most Writing I’ve Ever Done

I took 2 writing intensive classes this spring semester, but that was only the tip of my iceberg. Each task, both inside and outside of class, provided me the growth I didn’t know I needed. And for that… I’m grateful.

8 essays in a 16-week semester plus pre-writing activities every week. 90 percent of those essays were about Oedipus Rex. Add that to writing assignments for 3 other classes and I was drowning! It was the most writing I’d ever have to endure. Talk about stresssssed. Haha…what a surprise I was in for.

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My Last Year at Community College

My dreams are coming true! But not without hard work and determination. A few months ago, I started an internship as a writer for the college website College Xpress.

Blank notebook with phone and laptop

I sent my first post, “5 Things I Learned My Last Year at Community College,” in March. My editor loved the idea, and apparently, she wasn’t the only one. A month later, she sent me an email that the editorial team would like to feature my article in the magazine, Transfer Colleges and Universities, later this year! I was floored.

So that’s it! My first blog post for my internship, soon to be published in a national magazine, is now available in blog form. I am so excited to share this with everyone I know because it’s a milestone in my career path toward print journalism. Link below!!

False Mirrors: A Short Screenplay

False Mirrors is a short film screenplay. It follows Sabrina, a young black woman who lives by her own terms, albeit recklessly. Her relationship with her sister, Liberty, sours after Liberty finds out a devastating secret at her graduation party. In a moment of guilt and realization, Sabrina tries to make amends with her sister by making a change to her own lifestyle. But she soon finds forgiveness takes patience.

Achromatic Painting I

This first painting assignment was intimidating. Initially, I was excited about it since it was my first painting in the class. When it came time to apply what I learned in class, I was still excited and optimistic until my first few paint strokes. It is not as easy as it looks. The grays are not as easy to match up to already painted layers, either. Nevertheless, as with most things, painting takes practice and the first one will rarely ever be perfect.

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Not Their Fault: Rape Victim Advocacy

This was originally written my sophomore year of HS, 2/11/14. It was a topic I was really interested in finding out more about as a developing writer.

Rape originates from the word rapere which means to steal or seize. Every two minutes somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted, according to a statistic from the Fort Worth Women’s Center. Women and men alike are affected by rape and other cases of sexual assault. The anti-rape movement began in the early 1970s; that’s when the need for resources useful to victims was emphasized and awareness of the issue was raised. The common misconception is that rape is limited to females, however, rape can happen to anyone. The issue of unwanted sex has existed since the beginning of civilization, yet only decades ago were steps taken to help victims.

            Before women gained any rights and were actually respected as human beings in most cultures, they were viewed and treated like property. The first law made against raping women was in thirteenth-century England, but it wasn’t seriously enforced. Since women had no rights in America up until 1920, men didn’t see it necessary to consider sexual assault against a woman a crime. The English writer, Mary Wollstonecraft, was the first woman to have expressed the way many women in the 1700s felt in her book The Vindication of the Rights of Women. During the Women’s Rights Convention of 1848, which resulted from women learning to organize and publicize political protests during the abolitionist movement, feminists signed for the rights of women in their Declaration of Sentiments. However, women of color were not included in this Declaration and, considering prior knowledge of female slaves being gang-raped, this was obviously a problem between races since many of these women supported abolition.

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