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Space Suit Phobia: Album Review

by Rae’s Violet

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Space Suit Phobia (SSP) is Knotts the Nomad’s debut EP, which just dropped August 7. I just listened to it twice to give you all you need to know about it and decide whether to give it a listen!

The album, a 12-minute journey of 4 songs, tackles the most prominent issues of today.

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“Amber Waves of Grace”: Reedsy Discovery Book Review

There were a few times I didn’t understand what was going on in this story, but that did not detract from its appeal. Amber Waves of Grace manages to be charming in its own way and a story that feels certainly different from other romance books I’ve read. There are so many relationships to examine, from familial to church to romantic, that also added to confusion at times. Corrie being at the center of this story all aspects of her life, her relationship with two brothers, her parents, farm life, and her day-to-day troubles kept me reading until the end.

My initial expectations were disassembled from the first five pages. I went in fully expecting a lot of southern, tame, Christian romance and a few characters. A little conflict, but not much, just simple life. This story was not that, and I was pleasantly surprised. I think some knowledge of farming and farming equipment helps in visualizing what’s going on, but that’s one of this book’s few flaws that had me researching while reading. What’s a combine?

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