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Cry Every Weekend

A poem about the tears and anxiety weekends alone brought me during my time figuring how to be an adult on my own in San Antonio. I originally wrote this in July 2021.

Just an update, I’m no longer crying every weekend lol.

On the weekend

Swear this girl been crying every weekend

That’s right I’m that girl on the weekends


I’ll think that I’m OK

My feels say

Hoe, no way

Swear I’m only crying on the weekends


I gotta say I’m in the mood for a little self care

I mean I’m sayin what kinda life is 7 days

No break away from




And sometimes even TikTok


I need me at least bout one day


More friends

A man

Less me

Less social media

Less solitude

On the weekend


Just tell me you wanna hang

And I’ll be waiting in my car

Swear I got the time

Swear I can give you

What you been missing

What you been waiting for

Cause I’m real

Keepin it 100, no fake shit


But until then

I’ll be crying on the weekend


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