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Hi there! Welcome! My name is Rae, and I’ve been blogging since September 2018.

I am a blogger, digital journalist, book reviewer, an artist and introvert. I write reviews on independently published books for Reedsy Discovery. I have bylines in both award-winning news organization sites and college-centered publications. You can see a few of those here, here, here, and HERE!

I used to LOATHE writing because it hurt my hands and I didn’t like thinking about what to write or how to do it. I was a lazy potato of a child. That all changed when I decided to start journaling in 7th grade. I was going through some things, still didn’t like it much, but after turning it into a daily thing … I grew to like it. Now I love all kinds of writing!

Writing is my therapy; it’s the most effective way I get anyone to listen to me. I often feel like my voice goes unheard or isn’t powerful enough orally, so writing restores my power to be heard. I created Rae’s Violet Words to get more of my voice out than social media allows as well as to collaborate and have a creative space for others who want their voices heard. I still have that vision, but it’s tough.

Other writing I’ve done includes: journaling, scriptwriting, poetry, award and scholarship writing, newsletters, feature writing, op-eds – the list goes on! I also edit and proofread for peers and others working on essays for school and work.

I stay busy because I hate being bored. Exploring Dallas (alone) is one of my favorite things because there’s so much to do and see. What better place to spark writing inspiration? Some other things I enjoy are reading, painting and drawing, watching Insecure, meeting new people, sleeping, live music, and spending time with family. I also have a lovable, little cat named Nugget.

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