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About Me

Hi there! Welcome! My name is Rae, and I’ve been blogging since September 2018.

I am a writer, book reviewer, artist and introvert.

Rae’s Violet Words– what is that? As of today, it’s a blog focusing on art, poetry, book and entertainment reviews, and commentary on modern issues. Notice something missing?

Me. There needs to be less me. But this is an ‘about me page’, so I guess I’ll tell you about myself.

I’m a Dallas girl, born and raised, and it’s where I keep returning to every time I leave. I love my city! And I show that love in a lot of my writing, whether it’s personal or professional posts and articles. I also really enjoy poetry— writing and reading—but I don’t really think of myself as a poet. It’s just something to ease the pain and find relief.

I’m also an avid consumer of music. Old, new, bad, good—it doesn’t matter, I enjoy listening to it all and enjoy giving my honest opinion on it as well. You’ll see that in my “Just Sayin’” section.

That being said, all things art, reading, music or food related, I’m all over it and want to spread the word to my readers. I hope you enjoy what you find on this little blog, and feel free to message me!

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