Tia Dora’s Bakery

On a weekend break from college, I went back home to Dallas (which only seems far when you don’t have your car with you.) My mom and I were quite hungry, so we decided to get breakfast on the way home.

During a phone call a week earlier, I told her about some of the restaurants and bakeries ranked Best of Dallas in the Dallas Observer. Tia Dora’s happened to be in there as Best Breakfast Tacos. So we figured we’d give it a try on this fine, humid, Friday morning.

It’s in a little shopping strip off Hampton Rd. In Oak Cliff, right near my old community college. When we entered the place, we were in awe of all the Mexican pastries off to the side. Tray and trays filled with sweet bread, cookies, and other baked goods.

My mom ordered some type of breakfast with tortilla chips, eggs, ham, pico de gallo, and some other stuff. I ordered a breakfast of eggs with red sauce, cheese potatoes with onions, refried beans, chorizo and tortillas.

Each plate was enough for two people and knocked us all the way out after eating. That food put us to sleep faster than strong liquor, which isn’t a bad thing nor diss on their food!

Overall, it could have been better, not what I expected. The Dallas Observer really hyped them up, so I had to see for myself. However, I’d definitely like to try some of their baked goods because they looked delicious and fresh.

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