Fall Tapes, Vol. 1: Music Review

by Rae’s Violet

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Dallas rapper Chris Henyard’s EP Fall Tapes, Vol. 1 is good for chilling out and vibing. It dropped December 4, his first EP following his recent album, The IG Collection. Fall Tapes Vol. 1 has mellow, chill lyricism over moody beats that speak to the emotions brought on by a rough year.

I did a track-by-track rundown for what you can expect from this 8 minute EP!

  1. f*ck you (intro)
    • Chris opens the EP sharing a clip of a Tik Tok with a friend where Jake Brunner plays a piece on piano titled “f*ck you.” As the beautiful notes from the piano begin, I can see why he chose to include it to start off the track list. The calm tones of the piano piece unexpectedly contrast the bitterness the title might imply.
  2. wit yo b
    • I got a little bit of neo-soul vibes from this one. The instrumentals have late night vibes, with some piano to really set it off. With an entrance from boatingbreak, you get that they’re describing what the mood and scene is like when they’re, well, taking your girl. Chris enters following boatingbreak’s verse and continues the story, which is kind of funny in an entertaining way.
  3. twenty twenty
    • This one opens with a voicemail recording and is some what of a rewind of this year with clips of news from 2020. Chris pours out his pain and and disappointment in the year as it’s sapped his energy. I think a lot of us can relate, just waiting for the year to be over and to start over renewed. From Kobe Bryant to protests, and the deaths that sparked them, he covers how heavily they’ve mentally weighed on him. It’s a bit of a heavy track, but it shows he’s not afraid to show his vulnerability.
  4. strike three, i’m out
    • This one hit me with very much sad boy hours type of energy. Continuing with expressing his emotions and vulnerabilities, he takes a more personal turn with verses like “Damaged goods labeled on my chest, now you’re living better and the main reason is because I left, knew I was a mess” and “Draining me for advice in life but never let me become the best part of it.” The reverb complements how he expresses the sense of giving and not receiving, like being the stepping stone to those you’re there for.

Overall, this is a good EP and a nice follow up to The IG Collection album. Though it’s short, he packs in a good amount of content within 8 minutes. I’d recommend it, especially as something to chill out to after a long day.

You can listen to Fall Tapes, Vol. 1 here.

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