I Called Him Temptation: Day 5

A short story by Rae

Just starting I Called Him Temptation? Read the previous chapters:

Magenta Harris is a young, black woman looking for a date. At this point, anyone will do. Magenta’s boyfriend, Donellius, hasn’t taken her out on a date in months, and she’s tired of waiting. Magenta’s left feeling depressed and useless after trying to fit her desires into their relationship. Enter Tino, the one who may be the answer Magenta’s been looking for. Tino is bold, dominant, and kinda crazy, but he offers Magenta one thing—a date.

Magenta has to make a choice. Will Magenta and Donellius improve their relationship, or will she risk everything for a date with his polar opposite?

“Will you be OK?”

“Yeah…yeah,” I nod my head furiously trying to convince myself. “I’ll be OK.”

“You want me to come with you when you do it? If you want, I can be right there with you?” Straight poker face.

Que the record scratch. Did this dude really just suggest coming with me to break up with my boyfriend? He must want both us to end up on an episode of Dateline. I can just imagine how utterly stupid that would look, me going up there with him. I shudder at the thought, still at a loss for words in response to his insane proposal.

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