A Poem

Happy to be nappy
Bring the hot comb
Get the grease
We need to do something about those beebees, those naps
Need to put some heat on that nappy head 
It's hard combing through this stuff!
Lookin like rats sucked it
Whatchu gone do with that stuff?
You need some help with that stuff?
Ooh this stuff is tough!
It's like combing through wire
This stuff is wiry
Probably need an industrial brush
Those wire hair cats ain't got nothing on you girl
It's hard and wiry 
This is like African hair
So hard to work with
Where'd you get this African hair from?
She'd ask
As if African hair doesn’t come in many textures
Huh, as if it wasn't from her or my daddy 
Slave hair
Nigga hair
The most derogatory and insulting of them all
It’s unmanageable
Like slave hair
Weren't our ancestors slaves?
And what made their hair any more difficult than black hair today?
And Mama, what makes you any better than a slave?
Talking like that
Thinking like that
Slave hair, what is slave hair? What is nigga hair? 
Damn Mama
You're the reason I hated my hair
For so long
I was always wanting to cut the hair from my head
For so long
Always wishing for looser curls or
Straighter tresses
For so long
The reason I dropped my crown and forgot to pick it up 
And only recently
Did I find my crown
Began to adjust and love my crown
To love my hair
My beautiful, nappy hair
Or whatever you wanna call it

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