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“Recovery: Book Two of the Code Black Trilogy” Reedsy Discovery Review

A more intense and gritty follow-up to the devastating events from “Resuscitation.”

Recovery: Book Two of the Code Black Trilogy picks up from where it left off in Resuscitation and details the recovery of Nikki after a targeted shooting. Dr. Nikki Greenway owns her own cardiologist practice and has a checkered past that is also explored through the book. Vincent Black is the owner of a nightclub called VIN where the synthetic drug, Pure Silk, has been harming his customers. It all links back to Dexter Stone. This time, Nikki also has a new suitor who has been hiding in plain sight.

Recovery reads well for those who haven’t read the first book because the author catches readers up with backstories and synopses of the inciting events that led Nikki and Vincent to where they are now. Still, reading the first installment provides more context and makes this second installment more enjoyable, especially seeing the character growth and enhanced sexual chemistry. This book kept me engaged and looking forward to a confrontation with Stone or finding Nikki’s shooter. Last time, the star side character was Nikki’s best friend, but the real MVPs this time are Vincent’s security, Forrest and Sterling. 

Full review on Reedsy Discovery.

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