Social Distancing

A poem

It was breaking me at first
The silence, the closures
The lack of strangers in my space
Then crashing against my shore
The waves of disappointment and disgust came swift and heavy
Is it possible to isolate myself
Even more,
I wondered

This dating app shits for the birds
And no longer did I want to flock
To the very cesspools that left me hurt and confused
Why ask about me
When all you see when you look upon me is meat,
A hole like any other?
Empty invitations
Growing my appreciation
For this new normal, this isolation

So I strayed away
Further and further
The notifications ringing and ringing,
New matches and new likes
New audacity, new disrespect
Reminding me someone wanted to reach me
But not the someone I needed to reach me
Tired of being free therapy
For men
For women
For children
For overgrown children

I strayed further
Staying closer to the familiar
Away from the strangeness of strangers
And my adoption of their habits
But the notifications continued
The unwanted messages continued
And I wished still
To isolate myself further

~Rae’s Violet Words 2020~

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