Delete My Number

A poem about those unwanted, persistent texts when you give away your real number (like a dummy) to someone you just met

1 AM
Damn me!!!

Why are you texting me?
Why have you not got the message?

I'm ghosting you
I haven't texted you in 2 weeks

Cuz I know this
And I don't want this

Your unpleasant scents
Your intimidating hints

Of what you want and how you want it
No sir, uh-uh, no thank you

And I've told you 
Time and time again

I'm not looking for this
A relationship


Being your main thing
Your side thing

Any of it
I want none of it

Delete my number
I don't wanna block you

Cuz I'd feel bad but
I'm gonna have to block you

Cuz no and not interested
Are apparently words you never learned

But that's on me
Thinking I could be feeling something

But still not feeling you 2 weeks later
My first mistake was giving you my number in the first place

And my real name

Like a nut case
But delete my number please

Forget my name dude
Erase me from your memory

Delete my number
I don't wanna be bothered with your 1 AM texts 

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