Originally a Thanksgiving poem (kinda).

It's a blessing to be alive 
Even if you're struggling 
And I'm struggling right now 
I forget to be thankful
Still wake up every morning 
Thank the Lord for the day
Then again at night
 While I wonder for what
Forgetting my blessings
I get anxious so easily
Wondering how long before
The good gets bad and the bad gets worse 
Classes tearing asses up
Stresses showing in our tresses
But still we're blessed
Blessed because we woke up this morning
I'm grateful even though I feel like death and can't focus as much
I'm happy and grateful
Yet too exhausted and worn to fully appreciate what I'm happy about 
 I'm grateful for the meals I have
Grateful for the ride I received saving me a second trip through the rain
Grateful for the kind words from a friend or stranger
And encouraging words when I need them most
I'm grateful I'm not currently in a toxic relationship
And grateful for all the toxic ones I'm out of
I'm thankful for warm clothes
Even when I'm ill prepared and not wearing them
I'm grateful for my cat cuz he helps calm me down
I'm grateful for books
Providing an escape from chaotic reality when I have the time
I'm grateful for my family, dysfunction and all
Cause without them I don't know how I'd function 
So I'm grateful that even when things are going wrong,
Or going against my imagined script,
Something's still going right in my life 

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