The Smell

A Poem

The smell

It still lingers in my nose

My nostrils

My scent holes

The smell of this dude trying to pull up on me

It bothers me

Disturbs me to no end

I am distraught

As I can not identify

This smell

It has an odor unlike any I’ve smelled before

A mix of body wash, no, cologne maybe and an alien funk

What is it

I can’t put my tongue

My finger on it

Ooh and so glad I can’t

But my nose can identify every scent but this one

This mix, this offensive blend of smells

Where is it coming from

I know from him but where?

It’s tomorrow and I thought it’d be gone by now

But it’s everywhere now

A resident in my nose

An alien funk

A mustiness that lingers from him

In my nostrils

And I despise it

Whatever it is

The smell

Of a man with an unwashed ass

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