Rae’s Violet Art Trips: First Minted NFT!

Yay! I did it!

On Sunday, Jan 30 (which was 9 days ago), I FINALLY got to post an NFT and officially become an NFT artist! It took some help, though, from one of the NFT pros in the spaces I frequented. See, that’s the value of asking questions when you’re unsure of your process.

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Rae’s Violet Words: 21 of 2021

Hello, you. I see you, in those onesie pajamas with an animal hood, sipping herbal tea as you read this post. You’ve been checking out my Instagram and Twitter, wondering when I’d post again. It’s been a month. But there you are, reading yet another post. I see you, and I thank you.

Ugh, I just cringed typing that. But I hope it caught your attention!

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“Local Online Dating in DFW and Denton During the Pandemic” Episode

This is my individual podcast section for my news capstone class. It wasn’t in the final product, but this is what I originally was going to submit. It’s a VERY rough draft, but it didn’t come out too bad! Anyway, this is what singles in Dallas and Denton thought of COVID testing before meeting dates or considering more dates with potential matches. Full Story coming soon on my journalist portfolio.

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