Rae’s Violet Art Trips: First Minted NFT!

Yay! I did it!

On Sunday, Jan 30 (which was 9 days ago), I FINALLY got to post an NFT and officially become an NFT artist! It took some help, though, from one of the NFT pros in the spaces I frequented. See, that’s the value of asking questions when you’re unsure of your process.

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Rae’s Violet Work Life: Work breaks, self-doubt & Twitter spaces

Hey y’all. It’s been minute.

OK, it’s been a month, but it’s felt OH so much longer. Life has not slowed down in this hemisphere, but I’ll go into that later. I’ve missed blogging on this side of the pond… the personal, full control, my feelings side of the pond. Not full on professional, strictly for work writing. Yeah, you get the gist.

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