Space Suit Phobia: Album Review

by Rae’s Violet

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Space Suit Phobia (SSP) is Knotts the Nomad’s debut EP, which just dropped August 7. I just listened to it twice to give you all you need to know about it and decide whether to give it a listen!

The album, a 12-minute journey of 4 songs, tackles the most prominent issues of today.

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Before Corona Tales: What Better Way to Spend my Last Night in Denton?

It was finals week and my last day in town before winter break. There was only one thing I had been looking forward to all week, and it was this night, my last night in Denton.

I had been talking to this guy for a while who I really liked, and when I say I would do anything just to spend more time with him, I mean ANYTHING. So I figured I’d make the most out of my time and go to his brother’s show at this little bar on the edge of town. For the sake of this post, I’ll refer to this guy as Y.

I was going to write about it in short, but I found an entry I had in my phone from that exact day. This is how it went:


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