Being a College Student during a Pandemic

March 6, the Friday before my spring break began, I worked from noon to around 5, got a pizza for dinner, and took the bus to town for a fun night out. Little did I know that would be my last shift, last time dining in, or having any late night fun in my college town before the pandemic tightened its grip on what was my normal.

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My Last Year at Community College

My dreams are coming true! But not without hard work and determination. A few months ago, I started an internship as a writer for the college website College Xpress.

Blank notebook with phone and laptop

I sent my first post, “5 Things I Learned My Last Year at Community College,” in March. My editor loved the idea, and apparently, she wasn’t the only one. A month later, she sent me an email that the editorial team would like to feature my article in the magazine, Transfer Colleges and Universities, later this year! I was floored.

So that’s it! My first blog post for my internship, soon to be published in a national magazine, is now available in blog form. I am so excited to share this with everyone I know because it’s a milestone in my career path toward print journalism. Link below!!

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