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Get Out!

A poem

Never has it been

More painfully clear than now

That they were right

The critics, the interviewees

I need to get out more


And maybe if I’d gone out more before

I wouldn’t be in this rut now


Get out more

I want to

I need to

I must…

Get out more

Go outside


This rut, this predicament

You may wonder what is it?

What it is…

Is loneliness

A fear of spending another crushing hour

With my own thoughts


It’s making it to the weekend

With absolutely no plans

With nobody to ask otherwise


It’s looking at your phone at noon

Day by day

No new texts, no missed calls, no DMs

No new friends, no old friends


This rut, this predicament

It’s something the internet

Could neither fix nor substitute

My lingering regret


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