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“My Love Affair: Thorns and Roses”: Reedsy Discovery review

Through poetry, the writer unpacks a love affair that went from blissful to sour in no time.

My Love Affair: Thorns and Roses embodied the author’s personal life and her upcoming film with images of original Picasso paintings. The love affair is described through images of those paintings, pictures from special locations and the author, other art, and poems. It really tied the affair and raw emotions all in together. I not only empathized with her feelings from bliss to confusion to heartbreak to healing, but felt as if I was reliving these moments with her and her ex-lover.

I was not prepared for the layout and structure of this book of poetry, so several things caught me off guard.

The poems are unique in how they’re set up like the acts in a play. I’m not much of a play nor theater connoisseur, but I think I could still get the gist as an outsider. I’ve read prompt books and Shakespeare before, so I have a basic understanding of how that works. The difference, however, is that these aren’t dialogues.

Read the full review on Reedsy Discovery.

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