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As the World Burns

A poem


Waking up, not always, just lately

I feel dread

An almost existential dread

That in a few short years

Maybe 10

We’ll all be dead

The world is on fire

Quite literally, on fire

The flames spreading

So I keep dreading

Children dying without good cause

Hypocrites and the deluded

Clinging to their guns

Like precious children

As the precious lives of the unarmed and innocent

Are gunned down on the daily

But that’s just America

Land of the lies and gold polished turds

A land that values money over lives

Saying Black Lives Matter

Without the actions

We, the world over, remains in tatters

Flaming tatters

As the blood of the masses continues to splatter

The world continues to burn

And I continue to dread

Just how bad it can get after this

Rae’s Violet Words 2022

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