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Are Monsters Real?

A poem

They told us

The monster under our beds

The monster in our closets

The monster in the dark

All those monsters were not real


That dragons, bigfoots, and goblins

Were all myth and fiction

The ghosts we think we’ve seen

Are just figments of our imagination

And the things that go thump

In the night

Can be explained away


But they aren’t monsters

They told us monsters aren’t real

In that sense, that may be true

The creations of lore and

Imagination aren’t real


But monsters are very real

And very present among us


They can make you disappear

Only to be found dead and mutilated

Weeks later

They harm children and rip away

Their innocence

They steal, lie, cheat, and kill


They make you love them

All while they hate you


The real monsters are

Right. In front. Of us.

Beside us

Behind us

And sometimes reside

Inside us


The demons we fear

Will grab our leg hanging

Right over our beds

Are not under us

They are sleeping right beside us


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