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No New Friends

A poem

Being single is not a curse

Nor a life sentence

And neither is being friendless

And alone


And I am both

Or at least was

For a while

Quite a long while


Though I’m still single, I’m okay with the mingle

Not rushing romantic love, 

Just practicing

Self love


Had to turn the dial

The dial of my fate

And slightly change my style

If even a bit,

To show how much 

I was and am truly trying


Trying to make some new friends

But I am


But I am

A bit shy

But I am

An introvert


And even though I am a journalist

Who talks to people everyday

Still there were

No new friends, no new friends 

No no new


And it’s been that way

For a while

But I turned the dial

Switched up my style

Met new friends online

That I’m finally meeting offline

In my own town


And it’s amazing

New friends, new friends

Finally I’ve made

Some new friends

And we go out 

And we explore and try new things



New friends, new friends

Is this what it’s like to be an adult 

With real friends in real life?


Is this what it’s like to 

Finally find what I’ve been missing?

And finally feel like a woman

Rather than a little girl?

New friends new friends

I’m glad I can quit singing


No new friends.

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