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S3x D0ll Pt. II

A Poem

Read Sex Doll Pt. I first! It’s like a story, kinda.


We started off as close friends

Then you shed your snake skin

How did I not see it coming

It happens every time

And every time I’m fooled

Shame shame on me

To think these friendships are possible

With your thinly veiled f**k fantasies

Do I look like a hollow donut to you

A coconut

A sock down the hall

A hole in the wall

A water balloon?

Your Fruit of the Loom?

Then why, why

Must you and you and you

Disappoint me


You’re disgusting

I just want to be your friend

Your lady friend like any other

Treat me like your homies, brother

No sex no benefits

And yet here I stand

Here I lay

In nothing but a crop top and socks

Like Winnie the Pooh

Here I lay

A sex doll once again

. . .

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