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The Sound of Violet: Reedsy Book Review

Wolf creates a gripping and heart-warming read out of the most surprising relationship.

The Sound of Violet was a novel I really wanted to savor and appreciate. It did not disappoint, in fact, it outdid my expectations. It has a unique premise chronicling the New York-based love story between Shawn, an autistic man, and Violet, a prostitute. I’ll admit, I laughed when I read the summary for the book and figured I’d read it for more laughs. I was really curious how the author would make any kind of love story from that, but he proved me wrong time and time again with each chapter.

It took about a chapter to get me hooked on this book. The way the author details Shawn’s actions and quirks, and just how he perceives the world in general, shows the author did his research on the autism spectrum. Shawn hears colors and is a hopeless romantic to the highest extent, always dreaming of his wedding day and finding the right girl to marry and take care of him. However, all of his dates have gone south, particularly due to his blunt honesty. He can’t help but say what others wouldn’t say out loud. He’s grown used to being treated differently, whether it’s at work or on dates.

Read the full review here on Reedsy Discovery.

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