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Non-Perishable: Tobi Lou Album Review

by Rae

I thought Tobi Lou’s next album would be Parrish Blue, but looks like it’s Non-Perishable instead. I’m not complaining, though! I’m actually excited he dropped this at all because I was dead-set on not listening to any of his tracks- old or new- until he dropped Parrish Blue.

Here’s why…

When my notifications on Twitter started popping off about his new visuals and tracks dropping, I just assumed he was dropping 3 or so singles with videos to match and was not interested. Well, tbh, I was a little interested. It wasn’t until I actually went through Tobi Lou’s reteweets that I noticed it was a whole project. How had I missed this? The answer is obvious, but still.

By then, it was already 3 or so days after the drop and he was doing the countdown until deleting it. I figured I might as well hurry up and listen to it.

So, here’s my brief review of Non-Perishable:

  • My favorite song was “WIDE Open.” I never got around to listening to it when it dropped as a single, so when I heard it here, it was brand new to me. This was the one I kept coming back to. The beat is fun and airy. But “The Last Dance” was also close. It’s more on the scale of dream-pop.
  • My least favorite song was “Hopeless Romantic”
  • The song that got me most in my feels was “2 hrs+.” The T-Pain feature on this amplified the feels that I was transported into. I also felt like it sounded a bit smoother than the original production, which is still a bop on its own. It’s a slow jam for the sad days and night drives.
  • My overall rating and opinion of the album: I think it’s an 8/10. It’s very solid and and delivers on something I wasn’t even expecting. I listened to it more than three times already in the past two weeks.

Right now, I still prefer Live On Ice over Non-Perishable, but I think it’ll grow on me.

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