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Limited Edition Anderson .Paak Vans

Anderson Paak is one of my top 3 favorite music artists. The list goes something like this:

  1. The Weeknd
  2. Anderson Paak
  3. Freddie Gibbs

In fall 2020, however, he was number one, no debate. That’s why I was so hyped when I watched his Instagram story one day in November when he announced his shoe and hat collab with Vans. I don’t even wear Vans, but this was an opportunity for me to finally cop some Anderson .Paak merch and secure my fan status.

Both hats and pairs of shoes were– in the words of OutKast– so fresh and so clean, clean!

I ordered the Anderson .Paak x Sid DX shoes and the Malibu bucket hat after deciding they could match with the most outfits. After all, black and white goes with pretty much everything.

When my package was delivered weeks later along with a drawstring bag with the same design, I didn’t intend to wear either much, if at all. Instead, I planned to keep them as collector items and maybe sell them years later. Lol. Little did I know how many adventures, trials, and triumphs these things would be a part of.

A month after getting the shoes and a few weeks after returning from winter break, I changed my mind. I couldn’t wait to wear my limited edition Anderson .Paak Vans. They became my favorite pair of shoes and now, a year and a half later, they still are.

I’ve worn these shoes all up and down the streets of Denton

Down the shoulders and ditches of a Fort Worth road

On casual hangouts

To the movies

And everywhere they could take me in San Antonio

When I was without car

They brought me near

And very, very far

I’ve worn them with the hat

And a few times with the bag

But most times, I’ve just worn them

Forget about a match

My limited edition

Anderson Paak Vans

have gotten me through a lot

And withstood the toughest of times

The rain, the mud

The light, the night, the good, and the bad

Beyond the music

These shoes keep me going

Left to Right

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