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Daylight Savings

A poem, 11/5/19


Daylight savings

Time to fall back

Longer nights shorter days

I been wasting my days

My time

Looking for a dime piece

Trying to spend a dime

On any enjoyment that I could find

Always a good time on my mind

Be it a night on the bar



Night drives

A spooky drag show

Going to a party

I wasn’t invited to

Dancing in the lobby



Strangers houses

Empty lots

Throwing caution out the window

I’m addicted to fun

Call me a funaholic


Yeah that’s cool and all

Simply writing down all my adventures both real and imagined

In the safety of my home

The quiet comfort of a library

Sure that’s fun and it’ll have to do

Time to fall back

And get over this addiction

To overindulging in fun

Cuz I’ve been slacking

And riding solo‘s starting to get so lonely

So Imma bounce back

Time for me to fall back

Time for me return to what really matters

Calming down, writing, doing some self care

Get my mental health out of tatters

Climb back up this success ladder

Yeah Imma fall back

Bumping 6lack

While chasing these stacks

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