Rae’s Violet Words: 21 of 2021

Hello, you. I see you, in those onesie pajamas with an animal hood, sipping herbal tea as you read this post. You’ve been checking out my Instagram and Twitter, wondering when I’d post again. It’s been a month. But there you are, reading yet another post. I see you, and I thank you.

Ugh, I just cringed typing that. But I hope it caught your attention!

This was one long AF year. But it had its good moments, ESPECIALLY in terms of music and reads.

It is now the final month of the year, which means it’s time to share with y’all the standout moments on and off the RVW blog. It has been quite the year, and I won’t even compare and contrast it with 2020’s awfulness. In all honesty, this year was pretty decent, all things considered (cough, cough, struggle girl hours in Denton and San Antonio).

Alright! You’re probably wanting to rush me ahead to the list already. Not so fast– let me explain what’s ahead!

To make it easy on myself and less time-consuming, less boring, so and so forth… this is just a round up of 21 things that really defined my year in the categories of food, music, shows and movies, books, podcasts and favorite moments. Of course, I had to hype up my blog as well. So, I’ve included my top 3 posts of the year.

Behold, Rae’s Violet Words 21 of ’21:


Velvet Taco, via Facebook
  • Velvet Taco
Zalat Pizza on Lemmon Ave, via Facebook
  • Zalat


  • Heaux Tales by Jazmine Sullivan
  • Time Moves Slow by BADBADNOTGOOD
  • Big Boss Rabbit by Freddie Gibbs
  • Big Baby Dram by Shelley FKA DRAM

Movies and Shows

  • You
  • Nocturnal Animals
  • Girlfriends
  • Love Jones


  • The Glimpse by Lis Bensley: A provocative observation of mother and daughter artists and their rocky relationship as a result of their crafts and the male gaze.
  • The Sound of Violet by Allen Wolf: Wolf creates a gripping and heart-warming read out of the most surprising relationship.


  • Strawberry Letter | Fave episode: My boyfriend and I sleep in his ex’s driveway
  • Questlove Supreme | Fave episode: Carlos Santana
  • Death, Sex & Money | Fave episode: Masks on, tops off: Inside a Texas strip club

Favorite Moments

  • Graduation
  • KSAT Internship + car
  • Researching online dating in the spring

Rae’s Violet Words top posts:


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