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“Can we talk?”

A poem

I still remember

The stomach aches

Restless nights

…spent tossing and turning

And countless tears

The fears I’d be the cause of your demise


Despite 5 years past

You’d still recognize me

Behind a mask

And I’m no longer mad

There’s no longer hate

Not in my heart, nor for you


Though I still am reminded

At least once a year

Of those past pains and troubles

My worst heartbreak, when I was still



Before the internet broke me

It was you who broke me


Yet you want us to talk again

Like we did in those days that now seem

Faded and distant

You still ask how you’re toxic

Which once would have made me sick

Because you said you’d KYS

And never did, glad you didn’t

But I also don’t want to risk reliving all

That comes with it


The empty manipulative threats,

Emptying my energy

Like a clip

Worrying and dreading what’s next

I’m not Tevin Campbell,

And no, we cannot talk

Not like we used to

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