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Strong. Independent. Black. Woman. Part II

A Poem.

Just the opposite of Part I, which you should read HERE.

23 and already

I’m tired

So so tired

Black women,

My sistas,


Do you ever get tired?


Of being a

Strong. Independent. Black. Woman.


Something I once wore proudly

My badge of honor

My proof that I’m not a little girl

I’m a Grown. Ass. Woman

And I can do bad all by myself


But now?


I’m ready for someone to snatch me

Cuff me

Wife me up

Make me a trophy wife, a stay at home wife

Because I’ve exhausted myself

Working nonstop

Just to be the best

Above all the rest

I need to rest


Thought I didn’t need a man

That I could do it all

Have it all

Without a man

But I want my man

And I want him now


Cuz I’m scared

Scared I’m running out of time

To be some mans someone

And for him to be mine


I hate asking for help

Hate looking for support

But maybe a husband would bring

Great comfort


Someone I could wait at home for

And I could put in more effort to make an

“Us” work

Tired of Temporary

I want a lifetime

I want to settle




Rather than riding solo dolo

Cuz ya girls ready to trade this

Strong. Independent. Lifestyle

For Feminine. Subtle. Submission.


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