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Catscreativecorner1111 : Poetry Page Review

by Rae’s Violet

Catscreativecorner is the expressive zone of Catherine, a Dallas-based poet. All located on Instagram in a mix of spoken word videos and text posts, her poems show vulnerability as she figures out identity, finds love and heartbreak, self-empowerment, nature and more.

Catherine recently rediscovered her poetic roots a few years ago, but she started writing poetry at 6 years old! She got more serious about it in 7th grade to cope with her depression. There was a bright spot in all of this when she entered her older brother’s poetry slam and performed her first piece. Her brother encouraged her to keep going forth in her poetry journey.

Taking a look through her poems, I could see a lot of pain, triumph, appreciation for different aspects of life and musings.You can see where she draws her inspiration from. For her, it’s just moments that inspire her. It could be anything from a cloud to a couple arguing to finding her sense of self. You can see examples of that on her page, some might require some scrolling to find, but it’s worth the dive.

Most of her poetry is freeform. Some posts are a few swipes, some all 10 slides. Some are dark and sad, others are introspective or reminiscent. It’s a whole spectrum, though. I’ll narrow down my recommendations to 3 that stood out to me:

  • First night stand
  • Late night Pt. 1
  • Closure

If you want to see more, she can be found @catscreativecorner1111 on Instagram.


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