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A Sophisticated Palette?

Saturday, I went to Total Wine and More (or whatever it’s called) in pursuit of some Uncle Nearest Whiskey and Jack Daniels.

I have been deadly curious about the whiskey since I first started hearing and seeing articles and podcasts about it around 2018 or so. Black-owned whiskey from the family of the man who showed Jack Daniels how to distill it? Sign me up! As for the Jack Daniels, (black label of course) I wanted to get some for comparison. And I was curious about that, too. So somehow I wound up at the wine sample station and learned a whole lot about wine tasting, what pairs well with what, and how coffee can determine what kind of wine you’re more drawn to. I wasn’t there for that and finally got to ask where was the Jack Daniels cause I’m tryna get through these last few weeks of college and renew my will to live with all these deadlines. I didn’t say that, but I did ask where the Jack Daniels was. Anyways, the wine connoisseur lady was impressed and said I don’t even look old enough to drink. She told me I have a very sophisticated palette for my age and that people in my age group usually have trash taste in alcohol. I took that as a huge compliment considering I have never bought whiskey before today like that and am typically drawn to sweet drinks. But she says older groups typically like bourbons and whiskeys, which was news to me.

I just wanted to share that brief anecdote while I had a sliver of time to do so.

Thanks for reading!


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