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“Alias Lord John”: Reedsy Discovery Book Review

It’s amazing how much one can get done with a doppelganger and a bundle of conflicts in 19th century England.

Alias Lord John is a historical fiction following the story of a wealthy lord’s doppelganger in 19th century England as he parades around in his place. Lord John, the wealthy lord, finds Tristan Rigal, a mysterious Frenchman trying to restart his life from what it was in Paris. Tristan, after catching Poppy Woods, Lord John’s handmaiden and half-sister, spying on him eventually enters into an agreement to switch places with the lord with little explanation. It’s full of intrigue but does drag on in some places.

I thought this novel would have more romance and debauchery in it, but I felt teased until the end. Considering Lord John gives up his life filled with mistresses and a reputation of being a player to go undercover as this stranger who happens to favor him in appearance is fishy from the start. The self-discipline, restraint Tristan exercises around all these women who think he is someone he’s not is astounding. It is, however, obvious from the start who Tristan’s got his sights set on. Still, I kept hoping for something more than what was delivered in terms of romance. I stayed for the brewing tension and that tragedy might occur at any moment.

Full review on Reedsy Discovery.

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