A poem

A sense of lack


Yearning for something that was that may

Never be again

Loving once

Not realizing you had love

Found love

Until you’ve thrown it away

Now you’ve not found a love as strong since

Left wondering

Will I ever find True Love?


Meant to be, meant to last?


Someone meant for me?

In a state

In a society

In a world

Abundant in commitment-phobes

Bodies still in search for their souls and love of self

Bodies afraid to be vulnerable and trusting

Hearts broken one too many times

I ain’t rushing, but

Can I find that someone,

Someone whole and ready?


They don’t want to talk

All About Love

Few know their own Love Language

Let alone

Care to find out yours

Self absorption


Could they

Could I

Manage to care LESS

About the ones we claim to care about, have LOVE for?

I want to say

“I love you”

And not feel forced or unsure

I want to trust

Knowing I won’t be left in the dust

But all the eye can see

For miles and miles

Is lovelessness


And another book

Leaving me wistful

Longing for a fantasy

Come to life

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