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Make America Great!

A poem

Make America Great Again!



America the beautiful?

The White lies they tell

The greatest country on EARTH

Let me sip my tea

Our Black eyes have seen

For far too long

The raging hatred, nasty racism, cruelty

Leaking from this country

The people at the top

Talk about trickle down


What we saw at the Capitol?

That wasn’t surprising

OK, maybe a little, funny too

But it was the personification

Of what Black voices have been

Trying to tell

Your willfully blind ass


Police. Don’t. Treat. Us. The same

These people staged a whole coup

An insurrection

And handled them delicately, like members of the family

Cut from the same cloth

The same white robed cloth

Let them in

They let them in


But if the tables were turned

If it were the “scary, violent, radical”


You bet the treatment

Would not be the same


America the beautiful,

Greatest country on Earth

What a lame joke


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