Christmas Season Poems

These are 3 different poems that aren’t so merry about the most “wonderful time of the year.”


In Christmases past

Before we wondered if it’d be our last

With loved ones and lovers

We could always look forward

To having each other

To hold close and spread cheer

Merry wishes over beer

This year

It’s all halted by fear

That instead of spreading cheer

We might be spreading COVID


How can I be a Hoe

For the Holidays

When I have no one to

Ho-Ho-Hold me?


What does Christmas mean to you?

Is it about the gifts

Or the food

Or the music

Or the movies selling a romantic fantasy

Or is it family

Reuniting or squashing beefs to put on a cordial front

For the happiest time of the year?

Christmas can be one of or all of those things

But this year, its the thought

That counts

Giving doesn’t have to cost money

Giving doesn’t have to be expensive

Give your time

Give your love

To those around you

And don’t forget

Give to yourself

You deserve it


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