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“Sidelined: The Contract”: Reedsy Review

There’s a lot to unpack, but it’s worth a read. Gives single folks a renewed appreciation for single life.

Sidelined: The Contract follows the spiraling relationship of Bryn, an events planner and finance manager, and Shane, a professional football player for the “Nighthawks” both are parents trying to find common ground in the form of a contract. Even though it is part of a trilogy and the latest installation, this book works well as a stand-alone. The biggest issue facing the two is Shane’s ex, Carice. However, as the story unfolds, there seems to be more than just Carice and her antics in the way of this relationship, but the couple chooses to remain oblivious to these deeper issues.

This book hit me in the face with messy baggage in the form of a backstory within the first few pages. From wild sexual escapades to a broken off engagement to forming an RnB group and scouting for the next girl to later ending up in jail, Shane is a bundle of red flags. I don’t want to be too harsh on him because he does see some character development, but I can never be sure of his intentions due to how quickly and miraculously he transformed into a monogamous man for Bryn. 

Full review on Reedsy Discovery.

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