Lost in a Dream: Reedsy Review

Compelling. In order to have a fantasy without flaws, you must first face your reality with open eyes.

Jax is a lonesome daydreamer, deeply unsatisfied with his life as he works as a telemarketer. He evades real-world connections to escape to his fantasy world where he’s a handsome, charming king-slayer with Maya, the woman of his dreams at his side and a sword of great personality and strength that he calls Somnior. In the real world, Jax works alongside Diane and Mike, who he introduces to us as if he doesn’t know them well and only met them through work. This is why I was shocked that they all went to high school together and actually have some connected history. 

Significantly more time is spent in Jax’s fantasy world than his real-world, but as the story progresses, it starts to make sense why I don’t know much about the goings on of his real-life. In his fantasy world, it’s vivid and complicated at times, especially when it gets to figuring out how his loyal sword Somnior transports him from area to area. As for Maya, Jax’s right-hand woman, she can come off as a bit much. Her character is strong and free-spirited, but also very immature and somewhat annoying. She reminds me of a young child. Despite this, her childishness highlights how dull Jax really is.

Read the full review here on Reedsy Discovery.

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