“Resuscitation” Reedsy Review

An intense and, at times, gritty read. Not quite a romance, but getting there, between 2 adults with their own success and thick passion.

Resuscitation is a tale of two lovers in Chicago on quite different paths. Dr. Nikki Greenway is a practicing cardiologist with her own practice, and opening a second, and Vincent Black is the lusty, playboy owner of VIN nightclub and several other businesses. Between a man who likes to dominate and be in control and a woman who likes to be in control and doesn’t want anything getting in the way of her career, not even romance, the two seem like an unlikely pair. From the start, there’s a lot of questionable action that only progresses throughout. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The character development is decent. Between Vincent, Nikki, her best friend Keira, Malachi, and even Vincent’s family, they each have distinct personalities and traits. I think Vincent might have been intended to come off as suave, to some degree, maybe not, but he oozes creepiness and red flags. Nikki is portrayed as the go-getter type of woman who is hard to please, smart, and has no time for distractions. Keira serves as the fun, carefree spirit to Nikki’s reserved, work-first spirit, which balances things out. 

Full review here.

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