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My Life So Far

I know 2020 has been filled with insanity, misery, and, for many people, loss. I was so consumed by everybody else’s pain and complaints, it affected my own outlook and I was appreciating nothing.

Until this week.

After the disaster that was January through April for me, things actually got better. As of this month, things got MUCH better for me. My social skills that I thought would have deteriorated over the summer actually improved significantly, I found time to watch multiple movies and even finish series in a short period of time, I’m meeting writers and editors left and right, and, to top it all off, I’ll be attending this year’s Mayborn Nonfiction Literary Conference for free! Life’s good.

I even have time to keep up my art instagram on the regular. I may not be getting attention on Twitter or my other social media, but I’ve suddenly gotten a lot of attention on my YouTube comments, that’s worth something, right?

And how could I forget to mention? My birthday was on Tuesday, and I got all kinds of love. That made up for me not being able to celebrate with a margarita and cake.

So yeah, that’s it! Despite all the ills of the world, I’m living and thriving and hope to continue on like this for the rest of this bleak year!


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