Hurricane Reese – Reedsy Book Review

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An endearing interracial love story, defying the boundaries of a religiously conservative family and a musical star’s ailing grandfather.

Going into this book, I didn’t quite know what to expect, but it’s exactly what the summary explains, as you will see. Reese Matheson and Jude De la Torre are the personification of opposites attract. They both come from completely different walks of life and their organized and serious versus carefree and messy personalities make them that much more of a pair for each other. What really ties the two men together, though, is Reese’s aging grandfather, Mr.Matheson. He lives in a cottage where Jude takes care of him part time before conflict arises between Jude and Reese. Jude has formed an extremely close bond with Mr.Matheson during the time he’s been caring for him.

The connection and romance moved a bit too fast in my opinion, especially considering a fresh breakup and Reese’s rumored dating and sexual activities and Jude’s heightened cautiousness. They went from careful and hesitant to forgoing all limits they set and just going for it in under a month.


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