Fall 2020 College Outlook: RVW Edition

So, this is just a personal reflection of my concerns/fears for this upcoming semester considering we’re going through these most unprecedented times right now.

I have made the decision to move back to my college town in the fall for both school and work, but just thinking about it triggers my anxiety. Just a month ago it was July, now it’s already August … how did time go away so fast? There’s still so much I have not gotten done as intended.

Anyways, I’m going to have a room all to myself this time, so no irritating roommate or increased risk of COVID-19 for me, but I’ll still be at risk for COVID going back to work and everything. I don’t even know what precautions my job has in place, but I’ll soon see.

What really worries me is flu season. Ugh. Last fall, my first semester away from home and living in a dorm, I had cold and flu symptoms at least 3 times and each time it was terrible. I can only imagine it will be exacerbated this year with me having to take added precautions including taking more days off and staying isolated when that time hits. I could be at increased risk or might even have COVID and not realize it, mistaking it for my usual flu or cold.

Ah, the stress of it all. I’m also worried about the inevitability of feelings of loneliness and depression. I made a vow to myself that I will not go out to bars, restaurants, or organization meetings unless absolutely necessary, so I’ll be spending a lot of time alone with limited interactions. I guess that’s where social media comes in handy. Better safe than sorry.

I’m also considering writing for the newspaper again, but I don’t know what to expect this fall. I don’t know what to do or if I’ll even feel like the extra writing.

With only less than 3 weeks now until the semester starts, it feels like the walls of readiness are closing in on me. I am not ready. But at least I’ll have more time for me, unlike in previous semesters.

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