Multicultural Psych II: Gender + Sexuality

The topic for the 3rd week’s lecture was gender and sexuality. I was looking most forward to this topic and thought it would generate a good discussion during our live class.

I was wrong. Yes, it was as interesting and enlightening as I imagined. I learned about muxes in Mexico, third genders in India, two-spirit Native Americans, and other trans and third gender people across culures. They seem to be more accepting of trans people abroad than in the “United States.”

Also, did you know there are 6 stages to identifying sexuality including the “coming out” process”?

HOWEVER, the live discussion was pretty dead and flat. The minutes could not pass quicker toward 6:30 and even then, went past 6:30. These past discussions were much better.

This time was definitely different. Rather than breaking out into a single breakout group with 8 or 9 people, the professor broke us into even SMALLER groups of 4 or 5. The conversation flowed like solidified honey. Then he had us regroup and then split us up… AGAIN… into new small groups!

I noticed when we got to talking, it always drifted more toward sexuality rather than gender with views not much in favor of heterosexual deviations (LGBTQ+). This was most obvious in the first group, but they also understood that it’s ok to not be straight as long as it’s not harming anyone’s life. Still, I mentioned nothing of my sexuality to them out of fear of judgement.

In the second group, however, they seemed more open minded and comfortable, especially when it came to expressing my asexuality, which I rarely talk about. In the end, I learned several of my classmates identify as heterosexual but are willing to understand asexuality and other sexualities.

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