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I Called Him Temptation: Day 46, The Final Chapter

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Magenta Harris is a young, woman looking for a date. At this point, anyone will do. Magenta’s boyfriend, Donellius, hasn’t taken her out on a date in months, and she’s tired of waiting. Magenta’s left feeling depressed and useless after trying to fit her desires into their relationship. Enter Tino, the one who may be the answer Magenta’s been looking for. Tino is bold, dominant, and kinda crazy, but he offers Magenta one thing—a date.

Magenta has to make a choice. Will Magenta and Donellius improve their relationship, or will she risk everything for a date with his polar opposite?

“Um, who are you texting?”

“I’m not texting, I’m checking something.”

“Yeah, OK.”

My eyes drift behind him toward the entryway where a woman is staring right into my soul. I don’t recognize her, so I move my fork through my food to distract myself. Tino keeps talking.

When I look up again, with my mouth full of food, the lady is almost right at our table. She’s short with long, blonde hair, long, pink nails with pink eyeshadow to match, and what I’ve just noticed is a baby bump. I stop chewing, staring at her. Then I look at Tino, also staring at her, mouth open.

“Um, hi?” I say, fully confused.

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What do you think of I Called Him Temptation (ICHT)? I would love to hear your feedback and see how I can improve my fiction writing like this. All criticism is welcome in my comments, and thanks for reading!

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