Reinventing Hannah Reedsy Book Review

You can read my full review on Reedsy Discovery: Below is an excerpt of my review.

At my age, and having not experienced extreme sexual assault, I don’t think I’m the target audience for this book. However, I think a young adult audience and survivors of sexual assault may gain more from this book than I did. The reigning message in this book, which is rape doesn’t diminish one’s value as a person and brings about lots of complexities. Granted it’s a sensitive subject, is handled well at first. However, it encompasses the entire plot of the story to the point I began to wonder if any closure or solution would be reached over the course of 300 pages.

The choices Hannah makes are understandable, after all, she just suffered a traumatic experience, but she never stops blaming herself for something that wasn’t her fault despite the support and reassurance of those around her. The biggest flaw is in her friendships, especially the one she has with Sierra. Despite Sierra being the friend that put her in a dangerous environment to begin with, Hannah hardly directs any anger or blame her way. Instead, she directs that toward everyone else in her life, delaying her recovery process.

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