RVWJC: A Lot of Driving

It didn’t dawn on me until later in the fall semester that it was a very bad and very dumb decision not to bring my car to university with me. It dawned on me even more in early February.

I don’t have my car on campus, and buses or ride apps are my only options when walking isn’t. It got worse in February on days I was scheduled to work and temperatures were 32’ and under.

I’d walk, sometimes run, cold air filling my lungs and freezing my fingers. That could easily be prevented with a car. Then, when I could catch a bus back, there was the WAITING. It’s too cold for allat.

But having a car isn’t just useful in going to work and from class to class, of course.

I never really thought about it until I transferred from community college, but good stories require driving. And driving has made up a bulk of my worries since I seriously dove into news writing.

When I started reading my campus newspaper, I noticed the places the writers were meeting up with sources and where there businesses were located, and I freaked out. These places were like 20-30 minute drives (and more) from Denton!

And there I was, relegated to a box of my own making. Where would I find consistent, attention grabbing stories without a car? Sure, I still managed to do it, but not without a slight panic every week.

There’s so much going on outside the town my college is in, and I think I could cover so much more if I hadn’t made my very bad and very dumb decision, but instead, most of my stories are done on or near campus.

If I want to have fun or go to some of the events I see posted on Twitter, all I can do is watch from afar because: A) No ride from friend(s) to the city it’s in 15 miles away B) Ubering back and forth is expensive for a college student with no car C) No car to drive myself to or from the event.

Also, the city bus doesn’t run on Sundays for some odd reason, so Sundays are when I’m stuckest (and yes, I know that’s not a word).

Everything around this town also happens at night. Night sucks most because the city buses stop coming after a certain time, which means Uber or Lyft back to my place.

Having my car would be so much safer than walking at night on empty roads and getting in strangers cars. Haging my car would save me so much time!

The longer I stay here without a car, the more essential it seems. For journalism, for fun, for life, I will be sure to pay for that parking pass and bring my car in the fall to end this self-inflicted hell.

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