Sex Doll Pt. 1

A Poem

If she had a voicemail message, she’d play it

Like the prelude to a fire rap track

But she doesn’t


What she does have is the memory

Etched into her brain


“I’m not a piece of meat

I’d never make you do anything

That you’re not comfortable with”


Is what a lady would say

Is what a gentleman would say

Is what a decent person might say


But he was no lady,

He was no gentleman,

No decent person


And the piece of meat

Was always she

Marinated in sweet lies

And false promises


It was like reliving the emptiness through his words

To his bro in the background

Tongue wagging through the screen


“Who’s that?”

“Oh I used to fuck with her”

“You what?”

“Man I smashed that! I smashed that!”


Is the audio she’d play


A piece of meat


To him, to them

She was no lady

No gentlemen

No decent person


Without feelings

Without thoughts

Only a raw, lifeless piece of meat

Only a sex doll

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