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Deserved It

A Poem

I see what they meant

See what they felt

The pain I dealt

You treat me no different

Than I treated them


But I guess it serves me right

Guess I deserved it

For you to take flight

Right when I was ready to bite

Sink my teeth into you


I guess I deserved it

To be deserted

My confessions remaining drafts

A prisoner of unrequited feeling

In search of a healing

For the ache in my heart, my soul

My mind

I have no peace of mind


A taste of my own medicine

So bitter, so nasty

Flying so high

Being dropped so low

So that’s how it feels

The distance, the disinterest, to be the last on someone’s mind


Now I see

What they felt

You treat me no different

To be deserted

I guess I deserved it


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