A Poem inspired by the Childish Gambino song of the same name

I’m thinking bout it

I’m really thinking about it

But I know your eyes will be on me

Your mind might not be

But as soon as I open these lips

It will be

But I’m terrified

Aight Imma do it

I’m terrified

That you won’t like what you see

Like what you hear

Cuz I know I won’t

I already feel naked

Where’s a church towel when you need one

I’m terrified

What am I doing?

I can’t look at you not right now

Aight Imma do it

Here I go

The further away from you I am the closer I feel

But I want you to hold me and tell me I’m good

Cuz I wanna be good for you

I want your applause

But each step I take away just to face you

Makes me tremble

Shake like a chihuahua

Feet dancing like I gotta pee

I can’t look at you yet, not yet

Because I’m terrified but I can’t let you see

So I straighten my back, flip my hair, put my hand on my hip and turn that dancing into dancing

I can bend

I can pretend

And turn around cheesing hard in full view for your eyes only

I’m next in line this should be sublime

I’m the closing act

Just me and all the eyes of the audience

When I’m front and center

I won’t be terrified

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